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Dr. Wayne Dyer – I am Light: Discovering and Living from your Impersonal Self.

I Can Do It! Denver by Hay House publishers.

Dr. Wayne Dyer – I am Light: Discovering and Living from your Impersonal Self.


It is no mystery why Wayne Dyer was the opening keynote to the weekend’s I Can Do It! conference. With over 40 books translated into at least as many languages, he has appeared on 10 PBS specials, raising over $250 million for public television. For those not familiar with Dyer’s work his website is here.

Cured of leukemia in his recent past, Dyer (along with Louise Hay, Anita Moorjani, and many others) is an example of the power of intention on one’s own well-being, and the very real phenomenon of self-healing. It can also be viewed as healing with Source (God, Divine Spirit, Buddha, Allah, etc., it doesn’t matter what you call it). For, as Dyer explained, each of us is like a cell in God’s body, an attribute of the Divine Source, with the same potentials and limitlessness. So, self-healing IS healing with/ by God, as we are all God. Some of us just don’t realize it as fully as others…yet!

Dyer spoke a lot about the infinite nature of our souls, of our being. He showed a video of a small part of the Andromeda galaxy, and the billions upon billions of dots of light representing other solar systems. If the Universe is infinite, and we are made of the same intangible essence, then we must also be infinite. And, as Dyer pointed out, things with infinite souls do not like being put in a box and told what to do! But our present (mainstream) society is living in a state of hypnotized ‘collective consciousness.’ People live the lives they think they are “supposed” to live, instead of the authentic lives of expansion their souls truly want to live. Dyer quoted (I’m paraphrasing) an authentic soul MUST be what it CAN be. Powerful stuff.

As the title of the presentation suggests, Dyer referenced the book “The Impersonal Life” a great deal. Ironically, the author was a priest who channeled the information and published it anonymously until after his death for fear of being excluded from the church. Even though this man had the information of how to live with/ as God, he remained in the box of expectations of his religion and his era. This speaks to an issue I have personally been contemplating; that not only of Divine Timing, but Readiness. I am an unpublished author (beyond articles and blog posts) and was recently asking God about my book and what I need to do to get it out into the world. I had a very simple but profound dream in which a train evaded me so I was unable to board, and after it pulled away into the darkness a voice clearly said "you’re not ready." Wow – not the message I wanted to hear but definitely a clear message, as I had asked for. Perhaps Joseph Benner got a similar message in his lifetime, and chose to stay anonymous. As the soul progresses towards being God-realized, however, the notion of time-delays and other laws of the natural realm become irrelevant.

The personal self is what we might understand as our personality. The personal self that chooses a flavor of ice cream, or how to operate that new cell phone that just arrived. The impersonal self takes care of everything else – the calling and desires that reside in the heart. The personal self may override, ignore, or subvert these desires but it cannot truly silence them. Dyer outlined the progression from a desire, to a burning desire, to a Word, and then the shift begins. Just like Light, of which we are all comprised at the most basic level, we are driven to shine, and expand infinitely.

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