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On "Little Miracles"

This post is to acknowledge and thank the Universe for all the things that go right. As humans, we are wired to look for the danger or the negative in a situation, from an evolutionary perspective. My therapist explained it like this: As a cave person, if you mistook a tiger for a rock (didn’t see the danger), the outcome would be negative i.e. you would be attacked/ eaten. However, if you mistook a rock for a tiger and ran away (identified danger even if there wasn’t any), the outcome would be positive or neutral i.e. nothing would happen to you beyond the cardio excitement. But! In the current, evolving, Culture of Expanding Consciousness, we are taught that keeping a positive outlook with tools such as meditation, intention, and affirmation is key to manifesting a positive outcome. Personally, it is much easier to identify the negative, or danger in any circumstance, and indeed, in many hypothetical situations that haven’t even happened, and likely never will. Sound familiar? To balance this human, hardwired tendency, it’s helpful to name and identify the “little miracles.” For whatever reason, I have a habit of having rear passenger tires that develop a slow leak. Apparently I’m driving through nail factories and not noticing, as it’s a regular occurrence. Anyway, I filled my tire a few weeks ago but noticed it was getting low again. Being human, I procrastinated over the cold, snowy weekend in Denver. Looking at my tire for the Monday morning commute on the freeway, I knew it was time to refill. However, I also knew I had no quarters for the air machine and would have to use a card or figure out some other option. But I tried to keep a neutral attitude towards the task, despite the lack of enthusiasm I felt for crouching beside a dirty tire in my work clothes in the cold on a Monday morning. I arrived at the gas station behind a car pulling away from the air machine. And, here is the miracle, there was a minute and a half left on the timer! Just enough for what I needed! I leapt out, filled my tire with the air-time remaining, and went on my way to work. As I drove away I heartily thanked the Universe for this “little miracle,” and the small (but also big) way it helped me and my day “go” better…and more safely. If you’re looking for the “little miracle” in your day, per Rob Brezny – “An immense globe of fire continually detonates nuclear reactions in order to convert its own body into light and energy and heat for your personal use.”

With each sunrise, a pretty huge miracle greets you with its rays.

Fiery Sun


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